Double Melancholy

  • According to Didier Eribon, melancholy is where it all starts and where it also ends: the lifelong process of mourning that each homosexual experiences, and through which they construct their own identity. In this beguiling book, an introverted, anxious, ambitious, artistically gifted queer Filipinx-Canadian boy finds solace, inspiration, and a "syllabus for living" in art -- works of literature and music, from the children's literary classic Anne of Green Gables to the music of Maria Callas. But their contribution to his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual edification belies the fact that they were largely heteronormative and white, which had the effect of invisibilizing him as a queer person of colour. Part memoir, part cultural commentary, and a hybrid of besotted aesthetic appreciation and unsparing critique, Double Melancholy is by turns a passionate love letter to art and an embattled examination of its oppressive complicity with the society that produces it, and the depths to which art both enriches and colonizes us.

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Falling In Time

  • One of the most controversial and uncompromising Canadian plays in recent memory, C. E. Gatchalian's Falling In Time is an epic exploration of armed conflict, masculinity, sexuality, love, and forgiveness. Set in Vancouver in 1994, the year of the death of North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung, the play criss-crosses two hemispheres and spans more than forty years. Through all this, four distinctly different lives intertwine. Steve is an aging, outrageous, bisexual Korean War vet who embodies the sadistic tendencies of Western imperialism that polite society has too often tried to sweep from view. Jamie is an aloof, repressed ESL teacher haunted by a troubled childhood. Chang Hyun is a young Korean student brimming with anti-Western sentiment and still reeling from a traumatic experience in the military. In the middle of it all is Eun Ha, a woman who lives through the Korean War and, against all odds, finds the will to survive. A brutally honest depiction of war, rape, racism and animal sexuality, Falling In Time asks the question "How do we let go?"

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Crossing & Other Plays

  • “Brilliant.” “Disturbing.” “Unapologetically naked.” Just some of the adjectives critics have used to describe the work of C. E. Gatchalian. Collected in this volume are three of the plays that have put Gatchalian on the map as one of Canada’s most daring and distinctive young playwrights.
  • Crossing explores the tormented, sexually charged relationship between a mother and her teenage son, bound together by guilt and fear over a horrific incident that occurred ten years prior. Diamond is an elliptical, metatheatrical dissection of one woman’s intimate story. Ticks is the frantic, metronome-accompanied monologue of a self-appointed, disease-stricken messiah, eager to bring a plague upon the city.
  • Centre, March 2006.

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  • Broken
  • New Bard Press (Edmonton)
  • December 2006
  • ISBN-10: 1847288669
  • ISBN-13: 978-1847288660

Like a shard of glass to the spine, Gatchalian's Broken is razor sharp, digging deep to scrape the nerve. Emotional dysfunction spreads like a plague through a namelessly familiar urban sprawl. In its wake, nothing survives unbroken: hearts, families, rhythms, dreams. At the epicentre of the maelstrom is a young man named Adrian, godlike and hurting, struggling to discern the sickness from the cure. New Bard Press is excited to publish this script as an artifact of Broken's world premiere at Vancouver's Firehall Arts Centre, March 2006.

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  • tor/sion
  • Ranson Works Press (Ottawa)
  • April 2005
  • ISBN: 0-9682040-4-X

Sound leads sense in this slim volume of poetry that combines raw, sensual energy with formal experimentation.

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Motifs & Repetitions & Other Plays

  • Motifs & Repeitions & Other Plays
  • The Writers' Collective (Cranston)
  • May 2003
  • ISBN-10: 1932133496
  • ISBN-13: 978-1932133493

A collection of one-act plays by one of North America's most promising young playwrights.The title play is a racy, comical, and ultimately shattering portrait of young love; Hands traces the disintegration of a tormented family; Claire is an absurdist, Sartrean meditation on the brutal power structures in relationships; and Star is a brief but bracing monologue about the nature of obsession. With his minimalist settings and spare, rhythmic dialogue, C.E. Gatchalian creates a dark, claustrophobic world where sex, love and obsession mix to form terrifying realities.

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Chasing Halley's Comet

  • Chasing Halley's Comet
  • Laughing Willow Brooks (Vancouver)
  • 1995
  • ISBN-10: 0969897510
  • ISBN-13: 978-0969897514

An anthology of writing from the 1995 Federation of BC Writers' Festival of the Arts Contest Winners.

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